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Silver Hammer is a public affairs consultancy engaged in marketing communications work including Government, Trade and Media Relations.

Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer...

Formed in 2000, Silver Hammer aimed to bring a new style of media relations and marketing to the promotion of sports and outdoor brands. Since then we have mounted and sustained campaigns for a number of the worlds well-respected, premium brands and leaders in their respective markets. We bring a sense of individuality to our work by fashioning the bigger idea that will create a lasting impression and make a bigger splash.

Our philosophy is to take all the individual strands of the marketing effort and weave them into a richer tapestry designed to position the brand effectively, raise its profile and above all create respect and affection for the brand and the company, its heritage and authenticity and its standing, principles and values. We illuminate the products unique selling proposition and the company's status.

My background is in advertising and politics at a time when they didn't quite go hand in hand. I was for a while an adviser to the Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan and a special adviser to Shirley Williams on media and communications, helping to launch the SDP. It was an exciting period, and for a special moment at that time, we thought we were breaking the mould of two-party politics.

The name Silver Hammer was taken from a Beatles song about a medical student called Maxwell Edison, who uses his silver hammer to murder his girlfriend Joan, then his teacher, and finally the judge during his murder trial. However despite the grimness of the story-line it is an upbeat and rather bouncy song with more than a modicum of black humour.

The black humour was introduced after a conversation with Spike Milligan who was mimicking Blue Beard, surrounded by the police in his Chateau. The police called out to him to surrender and then posed the question that was on everybodys lips: How many of your wives did you really dispose of Blue Beard? To which Blue Beard blithely replied: How should I know, Im a serial killer not an accountant.

Funny in a macabre sort of a way but I prefer the idea of a Silver Hammer, as an instrument used to hammer silver, a precious metal, into the most compelling and attractive of shapes. So to extend the metaphor, we configure the precious metal of brand information into convincing narratives designed to gain and effect the most valuable and authoritative coverage in the most influential land relevant media.

We are living and working in an information-dependent, media-obsessed world; a world where the ability to get a clear and concise message across can become more and more complicated. It is also an environment that is aggressively and excessively competitive with articulated ideas vying for space and time in their efforts to be accepted and understood. This is where and why clearly defined objectives are required and a well thought out strategy needs to be put in place to meet those objectives. As the irrepressible march of time brings with it the rise and rise of scientific progress, communication is still an art form to be practised with style and poise. In this brave new world there is still a place for finely crafted language and at times soaring rhetoric to lift spirits as we go about our work to inform and persuade. It is a challenge thrown down by shorter and shorter attention spans in an ever more crowded market place where so many stories jostle for attention. Yet it is a challenge worth rising to and one that we take up every day with the greatest of enthusiasm.

I started with a story so it might be apt to finish with one :

James Reston wrote in the New York Times (July 7, 1957): A health director reported this week that a small mouse, which presumably had been watching television, attacked a little girl and her full grown cat. Both mouse and cat survived, and the incident is recorded here as a reminder that things seem to be changing.

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